Current Research

Most of my research is on moral judgment and prosocial behavior.

Some key papers: My most recent work looks at the development of the moral circle (and "Welfare Tradeoff Ratios"), and at how adults understand the moral judgments of people who disagree with them. For developmental work, I am now running some of my studies on a new online platform I am developing (within Yale's Cognition and Development Lab):

I often collaborate with undergraduates on my projects, so definitely feel free to e-mail me (mark.sheskin at if you are interested in getting experience as a research assistant!

Collaborators Include...

Lisa Feldman Barrett
Nicolas Baumard
Paul Bloom
Coralie Chevallier
Kurt Gray
Samuel G.B. Johnson
Angie Johnston
Frank Keil
Joshua Knobe
Laurie Santos
Laura Schulz
Christina Starmans
Karen Wynn